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HARMONY: Winter Ball held; students remember classmate

by NICOLE ELLI, Gazette Student News Reporter on February 07, 2014 10:40 AM

WESTOVER — Harmony High School student council’s Winter Ball was a success.

The winter formal, Sweet Escape, took students into a candy land. Tickets were $10 for a single and $15 for a couple. Student council worked hard decorating the cafeteria Friday night after school. They put up decorations and made the picture backdrop and the table centerpieces, which were lollipop trees.

At the entrance, each student could vote for a boy and girl in their class that would be named prince or princess. Macy Fry and Cody Rowles were named princess and prince for seventh grade, and Kalyn Davis and Dylan Kurtz were voted for eighth grade.

Baylee Boring and Zach Schloski were voted princess and prince for ninth grade, and Kirstan Eger and Brandon Black were the sophomores’ princess and prince.

Stephanie Maseto and Dustin Kurtz were named princess and prince by the junior class, and the king and queen of Winter Ball were seniors Nate Kime and Caitlin Roland. About 100 people attended Sweet Escape and everyone had a great time.

Senior Project Honors Lost Classmate

Harmony High School student Haley Hull is selling T-shirts and hoodies for her senior project in memory of her classmate and friend, Autumn Mulhollen, who passed away Oct. 16.

The T-shirts are purple and the hoodies are gray with purple lettering. Purple was Autumn’s favorite color. The T-shirts are $12 each, and the hoodies are $25 each. All of the money raised will go to the Mulhollen family in memory of Autumn.

To order a T-shirt or hoodie, students and families need to fill out a form at either the elementary office or high school office.

You can also go to and follow the instructions to purchase either a T-shirt or hoodie.

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