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HOMER-CENTER: Basket of Love collection starts at school

by BY MICHAEL SWEENEY, Gazette Student News Reporter on November 22, 2013 10:50 AM

HOMER CITY — Homer-Center School District, a treasure trove full of ever-so-exciting news, has been preparing for many various events for the past week.

Anything from donations to musicals, Homer-Center has been at it again. Not to mention, the excitement has been flowing with the success of Homer-Center’s varsity Wildcats football team, which continues to gain exposure with their continuous success, even in the playoffs. Yes, that’s right; there has been buzzing activity all around in the halls and rooms yet again.

[PHOTO: Homer-Center High School students participating in The Basket of Love, from left, are Mya Zemlock, Stephanie Myer, Emily Wiltrout, Veronica Manzilla and Kylie Bellman. (Lou Stepanik/Homer-Center High School photo)]

For starters, it’s that time of the year when many students and faculty are urged to donate items to those in need. The Basket of Love has always been a big success here at Homer-Center, where at least a thousand items are expected to be donated.

There have been times in the past years when Homer-Center has reached well over that goal, but it never seemed to fail at meeting such a goal. It seems that this year won’t be any different, as students have been diligently donating nonperishable food items to The Basket of Love.

These donations will be greatly appreciated, as disadvantaged people are given a moment of bliss during the holidays. It goes without saying, but the holidays truly are a time for giving.

Homer-Center’s Lou Step-anik, an English teacher and also the man who works with The Basket of Love in Homer-Center, commented, “The Basket of Love is not just some event we take lightly here. For the past several years — and by no means do I mean to brag — but we’ve been the leader in donations, and that’s something I am proud of. We always set a goal every year and we have no problem reaching well above that goal. It’s just nice to see that so many of our students are willing to give.”

In addition to the start of The Basket of Love, Monday paved the way for new yearbook activity as well. As much of a disturbance as it was for teachers who were trying to teach a class, many students were found walking back and forth throughout the halls in order to get their picture taken for the various clubs that they were involved with.

It was surely an exciting time for students, just maybe not as much for the teachers as it was for said students.

As the week continued, both the athletes and more artistically talented students have been given their spotlights. As stated, the Wildcats varsity football team has been doing very well in the past couple months, and as such, Saturday’s game has been gaining a lot of attention throughout the school. Both faculty members and students have been encouraged to show their support for the team, in hopes of grabbing another win and so that they can continue on for a couple more weeks.

A pep rally was even held today during school to gain some extra school spirit. The halls were alive as the football team, cheerleaders and band members marched through the halls while the rest of the students and staff continued to cheer them on.

In addition, there will be a community send off for the football team tomorrow, prior to the game. All fans are strongly encouraged to participate in this rare event in order to show off their pride.

You can join in on the fun by gathering along South Main Street between the school and the borough offices in Homer City at 1:30 p.m. Show the Wildcats that they have your support as you rally them on this Saturday, and don’t forget to bring spirit towels, posters and black apparel!

On the other hand, tonight is the premiere night for “A Christmas Carol,” this year’s musical, which has been an anticipated production for the past couple of months. Both students and some faculty have been putting forth large chunks of time every night in order to prepare for this event.

Due to some minor conflicts with Saturday’s football game, the second show will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday. We would like to encourage anyone and everyone to come and see this musical event. The classic tale is definitely not one to miss and it would be a great way to get in season for the upcoming holidays.

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