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HOMER-CENTER: Trish Zimmer named teacher of the year

by JULIA BUGGEY on March 01, 2013 11:00 AM

HOMER CITY — Homer-Center High School is proud to have a teacher in the faculty that has earned the great achievement of becoming the Pennsylvania FCS (Family Consumer Sciences) Teacher of the Year.

Trish Zimmer has been teaching here at Homer-Center for 32 years now, experiencing many challenges that helped her come up with an interesting essay for her application. After speaking to Zimmer, I received detailed information about the application process.

She explained, “The application for this award was sponsored by the PAFCS Organization, or the Pennsylvania Association of Family & Consumer Sciences. This professional organization gave the applicants a leading question on the teachers’ curriculums, which would then be answered in the form of an essay to apply for the award.”

Zimmer wrote her essay perhaps a little differently than the other participants, given the fact that the enrollment in our school district’s curriculum varied from time to time.

“I based my essay topic on the furloughs that occurred within the district and how I had to step up to keep a beneficial position and stay organized at the same time. My paper was titled ‘Swim, Swim Faster’ to stress the idea that I needed to keep up with the enrollment,” explained Zimmer.

Not only did Zimmer have to compose an essay, but letters of recommendation for the position were crucial as well.

“I received my letters of recommendation from Jody Rainey, our high school principal, along with a co-letter from Dr. Sally McCombie, an FCS professor who teaches at IUP; along with these letters, one from Sarah Lonetti, Indiana Area Senior High School’s FCS teacher, was completed for me as well.”

Zimmer explained that the committee picked the award winner based on a matrix. After having gone through the tedious process, her work has paid off and she will receive her award soon.

“During a luncheon taking place in early April, I believe I will receive my award along with a little speech,” she said.

After finding out about the work behind the scenes of this award, Zimmer shared her love for her job and her thankfulness towards her FCS teacher, who inspired her to take up the occupation.

“I actually didn’t want to get into FCS at my Catholic school until my father pretty much told me that I needed it and that I would be taking the class. I ended up loving it, especially the sewing aspect, and my teacher knew how to bring out the best in her students and how to play to their strengths.

“What I love about FCS is that it combines your reading, math and science skills; it takes all of those subjects and incorporates them into everyday life whether you’re following directions, measuring, etc. My job is a part of home, which is why I think a lot of kids can approach me with ease if they have concerns. With that, I’m very glad that my job here has given me the chance to develop some special relationships with the students that are enrolled here and those that have graduated.”

Once again we congratulate our FCS teacher, Trish Zimmer, for such an achievement.

On an ending note, don’t forget that all of those who wish to give blood at the spring bloodmobile can do so today, until 2 p.m. in the high school gymnasium.

Tune in next week to get the most recent news updates from Homer-Center.

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