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INDIANA: Comedy to be presented on stage

by LUCY BUJDOS, Gazette Student News Reporter on January 10, 2014 11:00 AM

The Indiana Area Senior High School drama department will present a fun and fast-paced comedy titled “See How They Run” today and Saturday at 8 p.m.

Directed by English and drama teacher Leah Lyons, this production is more of a farce than anything serious, and centers around the physical and witty comedy of the actors.

[PHOTO: Cast members, from left, Ally Peters, Bronwyn Kallsen and Bethann McGinnis frantically attempt to solve one of the many hilarious problems in “See How They Run,” playing at 8 p.m. today and Saturday at the Indiana Area Senior High auditorium. (Lorraine Yerger/Indiana Area Senior High School)]

“There is some humor for every type of person,” says senior Marcus Mihelcic, who plays the Rev. Lionel Toop, a vicar whose marriage to aspiring actress Penelope (sophomore Ally Peters) causes a stir with the church faithful, particularly a cockney-accented maid by the name of Mrs. Skillon, played by senior Bronwyn Kallsen. Penelope is “too modern” for the bitter, resentful and territorial Mrs. Skillon, who sees Penelope as an especially negative influence in regard to the church.

All of the actors on the stage get to have a great deal of fun with their characters.

According to Kallsen, “There’s lots of movement and the audience could never be bored during the play; and I get to wear a fat suit.”

Mihelcic commented that the play is “brilliantly written, with fast-paced humor and plenty of cockney accents, and the action of the play advances through mistaken identities and other hilarious mix-ups.”

Thomas Nakrosis, also a senior, plays a soldier who, to avoid army regulations, disguises himself as the vicar to go to the theater with Penelope.

A chance encounter with Mrs. Skillon puts into play a series of events that will keep audiences wondering what could possibly happen next.

Along with the action on the stage, there is plenty of backstage skill involved in making the play happen as well.

As important as the actors are to the stage, they look as great as they do because of the work of many backstage artists including stagehands, lighting and sound technicians, and the hair and makeup staff consisting of juniors Rosa Williamson-Rea and Tori Meyer.

In regard to the challenges the play presents to the entire cast and crew, Meyer said, “There are fat suits and running everywhere. There’s a lot of physical comedy.” 

Tickets are $5 each and will be available at the door.

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