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INDIANA: Red Ribbon Week festivities held

by RITA CRAMER, Gazette Student News Reporter on November 02, 2012 10:45 AM

Each year, the Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) Club at Indiana Area Senior High School hosts Red Ribbon Week.

Instead of handing out ribbons, like in the elementary schools, senior high students participate in Spirit Week.

During Spirit Week, each day has a different theme and slogan that creatively relates to saying "no" to all types of reckless decisions. When asked why she loved the Red Ribbon Week festivities, Heather Walton, a chemistry teacher at Indiana said, "It's one of the few mornings I don't have to think about what to put on because everyone will know my crazy outfit is for Red Ribbon Week!"

The overall theme for Spirit Week this year was "Drugs? I don't have an app for that," and it started on Oct. 24 and lasted until Oct. 31.

Spirit week was kick-started with "sock it to drugs day" where students were able to wear their craziest pair, or mix and match their socks.

The next day's theme was, "Dream big! Don't do drugs!" and students got to wear pajamas to school.

On Friday, students were asked to support Indiana and be drug free by wearing red and black.

On Oct. 29, the theme was, "Brighten up your day! Be drug free!" Students could wear bright neon colors for the day.

"Put a cap on drugs" was the next day's theme. Students were permitted to wear their favorite hats during school.

In honor of Halloween, students had the option of wearing orange and black to support the theme "Say boo to drugs."

T-shirts were handed out at the end of the week to the top five most enthusiastic students in order to recognize their spirited participation.

Many students and faculty members had great outfits for each theme. SADD club adviser Alicia Haggerty was pleased with all those who participated in Red Ribbon Week.

Student participation and enthusiasm showed that Indiana is truly committed to raising awareness concerning the negative consequences of making destructive decisions.

SADD club deserves to be commended for all of its efforts in support of this worthy cause.

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