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INDIANA: School hosts 'Dancers with Sole' event

by NEDA KARIMI, Gazette Student News Reporter on February 07, 2014 11:00 AM

Indiana Area Senior High School students participated in the Sue Hewitt Dance Studio’s sixth annual “Dancers with Heart and Sole” show Saturday.

All proceeds made from concessions and ticket sales were donated to The Salvation Army.

For the first time in a few years, the show was held in the high school auditorium instead of the junior high auditorium.

[PHOTO: Sue Hewitt Dance Studio dancers Brianna Adkins, from Marion Center, and Autumn Hazelet, from Indiana, performed a routine at this year’s “Dancers with Heart and Sole” event, held Saturday in the auditorium of Indiana Area Senior High School. (Larry Nath/Indiana Area Senior High School)]

“‘Dancers with Heart and Sole’ is a great event because the dancers get to do what they love while helping the Salvation Army,” said participant Kelsey Cunningham, a junior.

Acts included most of the dancers from Sue Hewitt’s and the Indiana High School dance team. Many different styles of dancing are featured in the show — modern, jazz, hip-hop, ballet and a couples’ dance.

In addition to the dancing pieces, there were several vocal and instrumental acts throughout the show.

A unique part of the performance is that the dancers are very much involved in making decisions regarding the costumes, music and choreography.

Junior Taylor Thomas added that, “While it was a lot of hard work, it was definitely worth it in the end.”

At the end of the show, emotions were running high as this was the last “Dancers With Heart and Soul” show for seniors that have been dancing at Hewitt’s studio most of their lives.

Senior Carly Snyder said, “It’s always fun doing ‘Dancers with Heart and Sole,’ but I’m sad that this is my last year getting to dance in the show at the studio.”

One of the main traditions of “Dancers with Heart and Sole” is closing with the classic song “Look Through My Eyes,” where everyone involved in the show returns to the stage for one final number.

Another staple of the show are the shirts the participants wear to promote the event.

This year, the shirts were black with silver writing.

As it has been for the past six years, the show was a smashing success.

It not only entertained people on an otherwise gloomy winter Saturday afternoon, but also raised a lot of money for people in need in our community.

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