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INDIANA: Senior Cafe offers BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

by RACHEL FLOYD, Gazette Student News Reporter on March 07, 2014 11:00 AM

Indiana Area Senior High School is embracing the 21st century. With the start of the second semester came the new Bring Your Own Device policy.

Senior students are now allowed to access the school’s WiFi in the Senior Cafe during study halls and lunch periods, using their own laptops and tablets to work on homework, projects and other academic activities.

[PHOTO: Taking advantage of the WiFi now available at Indiana Area Senior High School’s Senior Cafe are, from left, Bethany Balencic, Darrious Carter, Gray Smith and Holli Sottile.  (Larry Nath/Indiana Area Senior High School)]

This has made it much more convenient for students as they can work and save on their own devices.

Senior Student Government Association members Thomas Nakrosis and Brendan Bertig partnered with the Indiana administration to institute this new policy at the school.

In regard to the goals of this program, Nakrosis said, “Right now, this Bring Your Own Device policy just serves as a privilege for seniors.

“However, we hope that eventually all students in the high school who have a device with them will be able to use them during school.”

Bertig added, “We want to make the transition from students having access to their own devices in their study halls to integrating them into the classroom for students to take notes on and use in activities.”

Computer labs at the high school are often full, and this new policy gives senior students a much more convenient and easily accessible way to get their work done. It also helps get rid of the commonly student-used excuse that their “printer isn’t working,” or that they “forgot their flash drive.”

This policy has become increasingly more popular as the year progresses. Senior students have been taking advantage of the opportunity to bring their personal device to the school during study halls and lunch periods quite often.

Senior Victoria Grattan said, “I really like being able to bring my own laptop to school. It helps to be able get my homework done at school with the computer, since I can be really busy after school. Plus now, I don’t have to worry about forgetting my flash drive or something else like that.”

Senior Edu Campos added, “I really appreciate this new policy. It’s a lot more convenient to actually get to work on my own computer.”

The success of this program during this school year will hopefully pave the way for more students to take advantage of the school’s WiFi in the coming years. So far, the program has been a great success.

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