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MARION CENTER: Class excels at 'We the People' competition

by MACKENZIE WALKER and AJ WRIGHT on February 24, 2017 10:58 AM
Marion Center, PA

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Mr. Chris Peters’ AP Government class participated Feb. 14 in the “We the People” competition against Somerset High School held at Marion Center.

This competition consists of questions regarding government laws, the Constitution and government structure that the students must answer before a panel of judges.

The team has been preparing for the competition since December, which led them to a 581-503 win over Somerset.

The goal of participating in this competition is “to develop active citizens who understand and value the constitutional principles upon which our government is based,” said Peters, who is in charge of preparing the students for the “We the People” competition.

The students displayed a tremendous effort and were well-prepared. Peters is extremely proud of the group and happy with their collective effort. This type of achievement shows an aptitude for understanding and deciphering historical events and documents.

“I found it challenging to be in a competition without seeing the opposing competitors,” said Taya Whitfield.

“Discussing questions, asked by the judges, with my team definitely helped us elevate our score to win. We put in a lot of work and hours over the past few months and it really paid off. I feel that I can use my constitutional knowledge outside of a classroom setting.”

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