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MARION CENTER: Project Earth Club events celebrate Earth Day

by LEXIE BLOSE, Gazette Student News Reporter on May 04, 2012 1:15 AM

MARION CENTER -- In midst of the Earth Day celebration on Sunday, April 22, Marion Center Area High School's Project Earth Club attempted to raise awareness for all students on conservative and earth-friendly ways to save our Earth. Their activities took place during the week of April 23-27.

Project Earth is a club for both junior high and high school students, which is based on promoting and raising awareness for students, staff and the Marion Center community on how to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The club participates in several field trips, such as tree planting on state reserves and educational-promoting trips to local elementary schools within the district where students have the opportunity to participate in games and relays while learning about how they have impacts on the environment around them with all of their daily actions and choices.

High school environmental science and wildlife ecology teacher Tom Betts is one of the club advisers and has been with the club the longest. Other club advisers are Andrea Carter, sophomore biology teacher, and Ms. Emily Dusch, the juniors' and seniors' physical integrated science teacher.

All advisers, as well as club officers and members, decided at their last meeting on April 20 what the themes for the Earth Day awareness celebration would be.

The decisions were as follows: Monday, students are encouraged to wear green to represent Earth Day; however, because of the snow day, some students intertwined Monday's theme with Tuesday's, wear brown to symbolize how important trees are to our everyday life; Wednesday, wear blue, to represent how the conservation of water can go a long way when considering how important all water bodies are to our lives and environment; Thursday, wear black, to symbolize how air pollution is an extreme factor impacting our lives, species and habitats; finally, Friday, wear yellow and sunglasses, which represented the effects of global warming.

Students were reminded of themes with posters hung in the halls made by club members. Daily announcements were also made promoting the theme day colors, with fun and informative facts on how the theme colors play very important roles in our everyday lives.

Students that wore the daily theme colors were eligible for winning daily earth-themed prizes; this was not only a nice incentive for students but also helped promote the "pledge tree."

The pledge tree was made by club members; upon entering the cafeteria for their lunches, students were able to fill out leaves with pledges on how to improve their lives, making them more "eco-friendly."

Students that pledged were then entered to win daily prizes, or students who might've forgotten about the themes were able to pay 25 cents to then write a pledge and become eligible for prizes.

Project Earth members should feel accomplished for promoting and educating the cause of Earth Day to Marion Center students.

The overall outcome of Earth Week went well with all students, and the pledges and prizes were one of the biggest hits.

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