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MARION CENTER: Project Earth club is thriving

by JAKEB RISING on November 16, 2012 11:00 AM

MARION CENTER -- Marion Center High School's Project Earth is off to a wonderful start this school year. Project Earth, a club dedicated to raising environmental awareness and sustainability in students, meets every other week.

 Currently, the main task kept up by Project Earth is running both the elementary and high school recycling programs.

There are green recycling bins in every room to collect paper and, as they are filled, they are collected to be taken for recycling.

Recycling in the school promotes environmental responsibility in its members, allowing the paper to be reused multiple times rather than be burned or put in a landfill after a single use.

Other annual activities Project Earth has done in the past include educating the elementary schools in environmental science with Earth Day activities, celebrating Earth Week in the high school and planting trees.

With the new school year, Project Earth has put forth some new ideas.

This year, in addition to collecting paper in the recycling program, members have put out blue bins to collect plastic bottles. Also, they are implementing a new system for recycling collection.

In years past, recycling collection has been on set days, during which volunteering members would go from room to room collecting, emptying and returning the green bins.

The new collection system is having a group of students designated to each room, emptying the bins for their room as needed.

This new system will allow for more members (nearly all) to participate in the recycling program and will most likely prove to be more efficient, thanks to the enormous increase in membership over the past two years.

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