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PENNS MANOR: Classes go down on the farm for field trip

by CLAIRE KIRSCH, Gazette Student News Reporter on October 19, 2012 11:00 AM

KENWOOD -- On Monday, Amanda Roach took a group of Penns Manor High School students to the Corn Maze and Fall Harvest at Barr Ridge Farms in Nicktown.

Roach's class also invited Gretchen Prebish's elementary class to go along.

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Originally established in 1861 by Adam Lieb, the farm has been passed down through the generations.

Now operating in the fifth and sixth generations, Ralph and Mary Beth Lieb and family open their farm to the public each fall with their Corn Maze and Fall Fest. Nestled along Nicktown Hill Road, the 600-acre farm is home to 200 Holstein milk cows, and almost as many smaller animals.

Upon arrival Roach and the students were greeted by Lieb and taken on a tour of the farm.

The students were able to see recently born calves, one of which was just born last week.

After a picnic lunch the students were organized into groups of four to six, along with one chaperone for each group, to begin the corn maze activity.

This year's maze was created in a 5-acre cornfield and features a circus theme. Groups were able to find characters such as "Ricardo the Royal Ringmaster" and "The Talented Tangled Tonya" throughout the twists, turns and dead ends of the maze.

The students within the groups had to communicate, problem-solve and work as a team to successfully navigate the maze and emerge at the exit together.

This is the eighth year for Roach's annual trip to Barr Ridge Farm.

Group tours are held Monday through Friday through Oct. 28.

Tours begin at 9 a.m. along with explorations.

Farm tours combined with the maze activity require a minimum of 2οΎ½ hours, with free games as well as a milk break.

In addition to school trips, the Liebs have fall decorations, gourds, Indian corn and pumpkins for sale.

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