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PUNXSUTAWNEY: Spanish students travel to New York City

by JEROD WHITE and AUDRIANNA DeLACOUR, Gazette Student News Reporters on December 07, 2012 11:00 AM

PUNXSUTAWNEY -- The students in Spanish IV and teachers Kimberly McFet-ridge and Andrew Tygert traveled to New York City on Nov. 27 to see "El Quijote," a Spanish play.

Since the start of November, students in McFetridge's Spanish IV classes have been reading a similar version of the play.

"The main purpose of the trip was to see 'El Quijote,'" said McFetridge. "It is a play that is inspired by 'Don Quijote,' a book by Miguel de Cervantes."

A total of 19 students and two teachers left for New York at midnight on Nov. 27. While the play was the main reason for going, the students were also able to experience the way of life in the city.

"I thought we took a great group of students which made the trip go very smoothly," said Tygert, the Spanish I and III teacher.

"It was neat to not only witness the Spanish culture but also the culture of the city."

Upon arriving at the city around 6 a.m., the students first went to the set of "Good Morning America" to watch the show air live.

Because Punxsutawney is famous for Groundhog Day, the "Good Morning America" weatherman, Sam Champion, presented the day's weather alongside the group.

Senior Austin Sabatucci also offered Punxsutawney Phil stuffed animals to the anchors of the show.

"It was an awesome experience to be on 'Good Morning America,'" said Sabatucci.

"I got the great opportunity to do an interview in front of millions of people."

Following "Good Morning America," the group was given the chance to go ice skating.

"It was a lot of fun to go ice skating spontaneously together," said Tygert.

"It's not something that you get to do often around here."

After ice skating, the students viewed the play, which lasted about an hour and a half and incorporated some material that the students did not read in class.

"The play was difficult to understand at times, but it was still beneficial to reading our story," said senior Liz Keller.

Following the play, the group spent the rest of the day touring the city. The students shopped in the city's Macy's, which is the world's largest department store. Another highlight was the viewing of ground zero.

"It was a nice experience to see the memorial and pay our respects to those who were lost in the 9/11 attacks," said McFetridge.

"I think it was a good thing for the students to experience."

The students left the city around 4 p.m. and arrived back to Punxsutawney at about 11:30 p.m. The costs for the bus ride and play tickets were paid individually by the students.

"In order to offset the costs of the trip, we held a Jane's Stromboli & Pies fundraiser," said McFetridge. "The money went individually to the students based on the amount of items they sold."

The students involved would like to thank McFetridge for arranging the trip and Tygert for his help.

"Thanks again to Señor and Señora for giving us the chance to go to New York," said Sabatucci. "It was a great experience that would not have been possible without them."

McFetridge would also like to thank the students that attended the trip.

"The students were well-behaved which made the trip a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone," said McFetridge. "I hope to do this again next year."

Dramatics Club visits Clarion University

On Nov. 16, the Punxsutawney Area High School Dramatics Club took a trip to Clarion University to see the college theater's production of the Shakespearean play "All's Well That Ends Well."

Shakespearean plays are some of the greatest known to man and are very worthwhile for drama students to see and learn from. However, sometimes they can be rather hard to understand.

"The play was well-performed and -executed. I think going to this production exposed the students to something they wouldn't go see on their free time," said Dramatics Club adviser Lisa Good.

After the play, the students were told to stick around for a question and answer segment with the cast and crew. They were informed about certain little details that went into the play and were able to hear the cast talk about their parts from their own perspective.

"It was beneficial to understanding the play and all of the time and effort that went into preparing for it," said Dramatics Club President Laura Chelgren.

"It helped us understand how the set, costumes and the characters are all connected in some way to bring the production together as a whole."

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