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PURCHASE LINE: Duct tape fashion show, 'Purchase Line Idol' raises charity funds

by By SIERRA BERRINGER and HOPE HANKINSON, Gazette Student News Reporters on January 10, 2014 11:00 AM

PURCHASE LINE — The 2013 Duct Tape Fashion Show raised $956.25 toward the Stuff the Bus total and displayed the creativity of Purchase Line students.

According to freshman Casie Maughan, “The Duct Tape Fashion Show was phenomenal.”

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Students at Purchase Line could gather a group of four to six people and create a costume, covered completely in duct tape, to present to their peers and the community. Any theme could be chosen, but had to be school-appropriate.

[PHOTO: Larissa Rearick, a sophomore at Purchase Line High School, portrayed Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” in duct tape created by sophomores Madelaine Peles, Kelsee Lazor, Brooke Jones, Brooke Faught and Sarah Smith. The dress was supported by different-sized hula hoops to create the full gown. (Marc Caldwell/Purchase Line High School)]

As 10 teams from seventh-graders up to seniors presented their costumes covered completely in duct tape, not only was the audience entertained, but lives were changed because all funds collected will be used to buy food for local food pantries. As each costume was presented to the audience, containers were sent around to collect money for each design to go toward local food pantries in the area. If a person liked the costume, they could place money in that group’s container.

The Duct Tape Fashion Show included the following costumes: Christmas tree; “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”; a formal suit and tie; a nerd; Santa Claus; a peacock dress; Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”; a fox; Daddy’s Little Girl (giant baby); and rain gear.

First place was awarded to Belle, second place went to the peacock dress, and third was awarded to Daddy’s Little Girl.

[PHOTO: The Daddy's Little Girl costume for Purchase Line High School’s Duct Tape Fashion Show was created by, from left, seniors Sierra Berringer, Michael Cramer, Jon Snyder (model), Brooke Temchulla and Brittani Bell. The baby included a rattle, pacifier, diaper made from a sheet, a bonnet, slippers and braids made from hair extensions. (Marc Caldwell/Purchase Line High School)]

Freshman Kayla Esposti was the model for the nerd costume. When asked about the fashion show she said, “It was really fun. I really enjoyed watching all of the models come out and it’s really nice to know that we raised money for charity. We worked on the nerd costume for three to four days and used about 12 rolls of duct tape. A funny moment was whenever the group was duct taping the shirt on me and it kept getting tighter and tighter, so they had to fix it.”

Sophomore Bailey Lute was in on Santa’s costume. She said, “It was fun to cover Jordan (Huey) in duct tape. We worked on the costume for about 12 hours, but it was worth it. We used a total of 12 rolls of duct tape. Jordan wanted to be the model, and it was his idea to create Santa. Jordan’s mom, Cindy, had the idea to stuff balloons in a bag to look like gifts. The entire group liked the idea so we chose to do it.”

Brittani Bell, captain of third-place Daddy’s Little Girl/giant baby team, said, “We laughed the entire time while making it. We used 12 rolls of duct tape. We had to buy new pantyhose every time Jon (Snyder) took them off because they would shrink up and he couldn’t put them back on. We knew that we wanted Jon or Michael (Cramer) to be the model, but neither one of them wanted to do it … so the girls decided to do a coin toss. Unfortunately for Jon, he lost.”

The second-place team created a peacock dress. Senior Morgan Scalese said, “We saw the peacock tape and were inspired mostly by that. The best part of making the dress was the train, which was (senior) Amy Elling’s idea.”

Senior Jacqueline Patton helped bring a Christmas tree to life in a group with two of her siblings. When asked about her design, Patton said, “We used hangers to make the dress. We bent the hangers into circles and used newspaper to tape the dress. The top was a T-shirt. We tried to use boxes for presents, but Erica (Patton) couldn’t walk, so we taped up a pair of boots for the second round.”

Many students spent a lot of time and hard work on their costumes, but one group’s work really paid off. That’s right, the first-place winners who created Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.”

Sophomore Sarah Smith said, “It was pretty good to know that all of our time and effort paid off. It was also nice to know we could raise over $200 on just our outfit, plus the other items for Stuff the Bus.”

Crystal Shaw was the model for the “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” outfit. Shaw said, “The costume was really hot. Everyone else said they didn’t want to do it, so I volunteered. We were all sitting at lunch one day and wanted to do a Christmas theme, so we decided on the grandma. We spent about six hours on the costume and used about 10 rolls of tape.”

Not only was money collected from students during the daytime school performance Dec. 13, but also during the second annual “community night” that raised $64. Community night, held Dec. 16, was an evening that opened up the doors for the community, parents, family and friends to come and watch PL Idol, the Duct Tape Fashion Show and the auction of desserts in the Decadent Dessert Auction, which raised $177. Again, containers were sent around and money was collected. All of the proceeds will be used to buy needed food items for local food pantries.


PL Idol, held Dec. 13 along with the Doughnut Auction and the Duct Tape Fashion Show, showcased the musical talents of Purchase Line students to raise $1,541.84 for charity.

PL Idol is where students from the school perform in the auditorium, while the audience puts money toward who they’d like to win to benefit local food banks as part of the Stuff the Bus campaign.

[PHOTO: From left, Purchase Line High School sophomore Tyra Frantz, senior Evan Ober and junior Charles Deyarmin sing “Radioactive,” by Imagine Dragons, during the PL Idol performance.  (Skyla Toth/Purchase Line High School)]

For this year’s acts, juniors Kira Smith and Greg L. Boring sang “Who You Are”; junior Eric Faught and sophomore Brooke Faught sang “Love Remains”; and sophomore Tyra Frantz, senior Evan Ober and junior Charles Deyarmin sang “Radioactive,” by Imagine Dragons. Juniors Caitlyn Gardner and Logun Beck sang “Everything Has Changed,” and Beck also did an interpretive dance to “Wild.” Freshman Ashlie King sang one of her original songs, “Slowly.”

Frantz is a veteran of PL Idol.

“It was always fun the past three years I’ve done it,” she said.

The band also performed the song at the Green Township Community Fair in September, Purchase Line United Methodist Church and a community church event, “Breakfast at the Manger,” in December.

Ober added, “It was a lot of fun, it felt good to do it after a two-year break. The band chose this song because it’s a good song.”

They were declared the winners during this year’s event. Winners are determined by the amount of money given from the audience after each act.

Gardner and Beck sang “Everything Has Changed,” by Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. “It’s a good feeling to get the whole student body in a good mood. Everyone seems to enjoy PL Idol,” added Gardner.

“Logun and I picked ‘Everything Has Changed’ because we both really like it. It’s a pretty song,” she said.

Beck also did an interpreted dance to the song “Wild,” by Jessie J.

“I practiced a lot, an hour each night the week of the auditions,” said Beck.

Beck has been performing for 2ᄑ years.

He said, “I chose the song because I like it and it was easy to choreograph.”

Smith and Boring sang “Who you Are” by Unspoken.

“I like the song because the words mean something,” said Smith. “Greg and I practiced once a week before auditions.”

“It was exciting to perform for the whole school,” added Smith.

Boring also performed a drum-off along with Ober.

“It was fun, I didn’t do as well as I could have but I had fun doing it,” said Boring. Boring has played for six years. He has also played with Eric Faught and senior Michael Cramer.

Eric and Brooke Faught sang “Love Remains,” by Royal Tailor.

“I was nervous at first but it got easier,” Eric said. “It was an upbeat song that I thought the student body would like,” he said.

Eric has been performing for two years. He added, “We practiced the song at our church.”

Ashlie King sang one of her original songs, “Slowly.”

“It felt different putting my lyrics and my thoughts out in the open,” King said. She has been writing songs for about four years and singing since she was 9.

“I picked this song to show everyone my talent and so I could express my feelings in lyrics and song the way words never could.”

Music teacher and choral director Paula Saylor held auditions with the help of music teacher and band director Rebecca Bracken, and Saylor organized the annual event.

She was “impressed as always with the talent we have at PL.”

“I always like seeing new things or new people, like the interpretative dance. And the students that perform every year keep getting better and better; (the students have) so much talent,” said social studies teacher Kathleen Cowden, who served as one of the PL Idol judges.

Art teacher Steve Woodrow and retired health teacher Paula Davidson also served as judges and provided feedback to the performers. Woodrow noted that he liked the drum-off between contestants Boring and Ober.

“Every year the acts are always really good,” he said.

“I just can’t choose a favorite,” Saylor said.

“I was so proud of them all.” 

Saylor has been helping with the event started by school nurse Sharon Huffman and English teacher Karen Conrad for 12 years.

“With the help of technology coordinator Marc Caldwell, the performances have become quite professional sounding,” Saylor added.

Behind the scenes, Saylor is constantly switching the stage for the needs of each performance and she observes the contestants supporting and cheering for each other.

A group of faculty and staff also performed “What Does the Dragon Say?” with the music of Ylvis’ popular song.

Senior Taylor Antisdel joined them in the Red Dragon mascot costume, then later led the crowd in a roller coaster, a crowd favorite at the girls’ volleyball games this past season.

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