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SALTSBURG: New phys ed teacher welcomed

by ASHTON BATTISTELLI, Gazette Student News Reporter on October 26, 2012 11:00 AM

SALTSBURG -- Along with new iPad technology came some new faces to Saltsburg Middle High School.

One of these includes our new physical education teacher, Jared McCormick. This is Mr. McCormick's third year of teaching, having previously taught in Clarion. He earned his undergraduate degree at IUP and is set to begin graduate work there as well.

So far, McCormick has enjoyed his interaction with students the most saying, "Our students have positive attitudes and a good work ethic. The staff and administration have also been very kind and helpful."

When asked how he would use iPad technology in his program, he replied, "I use them the most in my second-period Fitness and Sport class where we use a workout trainer app. It lets us create a community where we can share workouts and create workouts of our own."

Fitness and Sport is a class where students can implement great workouts geared to improving cardiovascular health, flexibility and muscular endurance/strength.

Using the iPads, they research and implement challenging workouts which can benefit their individual needs now and for a lifetime. The workout training app allows students to "follow" their peers and offer encouragement, workout recommendations and other useful information.

He said, "it also allows me to follow their progress and offer advice. Today's society is now very advanced, and uses a lot of technology. In my opinion, the iPads are coming to that digital age. They are a good tool to help students learn properly not only for their education and learning now, but for their education that they take with them in the future."

In addition McCormick said, "The iPads are very useful and allow for more communication to go on within the school. They also open up several opportunities for the students and are not only fun but very convenient."

McCormick stated his No. 1 goal as a high school health and physical education teacher here at Saltsburg is "to provide the knowledge and tools for our students to become more healthy individuals, the ability and confidence to make healthy and responsible decisions, and the foundation to carry on these healthful living qualities throughout their lives. I am fortunate and excited to be a part of it."

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