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SEEDS OF FAITH CHRISTIAN ACADEMY: Students learn about Egypt

by By GABRIELLE REESE and HANNAH SHIRLEY, Gazette Student News Reporters on October 25, 2013 10:50 AM

Teachers at Seeds of Faith Christian Academy realize the importance of an excellent education.

The faculty is dedicated to preparing their students for every aspect of life. This dedication is shown by the history teacher, Deborah Caldwell. This week Caldwell’s seventh- and eighth-grade class is learning about various aspects of ancient Egypt in their World History course. The students have been learning about numerous rulers, customs, geographical landmarks and social classes of Egypt.

Recently, the junior high students have been working on a large PowerPoint project. This assignment requires an in-depth study of the life of ancient Egyptians. Students will present their research findings to the class. Presentations are to include labeled maps of upper and lower Egypt, from the old, middle and new kingdoms.

Also, students are to include many pictures of prominent people, ancient hieroglyphics, pyramids and clothing styles. Egypt is one of the many ancient societies the students will learn about in World History.

Presentations of completed projects will begin Monday. The junior high students are working very hard on their projects because they know their hard work will pay off.

PHOTO:  Ben Van Wieren, a seventh-grade student at Seeds of Faith Christian Academy, worked on his ancient Egypt PowerPoint project during study hall. (Hannah Shirley/Seeds of Faith Christian Academy)

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