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SEEDS OF FAITH CHRISTIAN ACADEMY: Students start project to learn valuable lessons

by GABRIELLE REESE and HANNAH SHIRLEY, Gazette Student News Reporters on February 07, 2014 10:50 AM

Every year the junior and senior high teachers at the Seeds of Faith Christian Academy create a theme for the year in hopes that the students will learn valuable lessons for life. Some of the previous subjects discussed were “choose” and “by their fruits.”

“By their fruits” is based on Matthew 7:20, which states, “Thus by their fruit you will recognize them.”

[PHOTO: Students at Seeds of Faith Christian Academy listened while their teacher, Deb Caldwell, discussed their biblical theme project. (Hannah Shirley/Seeds of Faith Christian Academy)]

The students learned throughout the year that their choices led to how people viewed them.

Student lifestyle and behavior represents their faith.

This year, Deb Caldwell, the history and English 10 teacher, chose the subject matter to be wisdom, honor and love.

The students will be spending the next several months studying and applying each of the three character traits. Each pupil was required to find 10 Bible verses emulating each topic.

Along with the requirement, the students were assigned to meet with an elderly person each month and discuss various matters. With each visit, they are to prepare a journal entry describing the time together.

Also included in this project, students are expected read to an autobiography titled, “Kisses From Katie,” by Katie Davis, as well as another Christian autobiography or biography.

Then students must write a reflective essay for each of the two books.

Every month regularly scheduled meetings are planned to discuss the progress of each student’s work.

Some students will also share their journal entries with the class.

As the year culminates, the students will also cover the topic of love.

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