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SEEDS OF FAITH: School prepares for academic events

by GABRIELLE REESE, Gazette Student News Reporter on April 12, 2013 11:00 AM

Since mid-September, students of Seeds of Faith Christian Academy (SFCA) worked tirelessly to prepare for a districtwide Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) Speech Meet and Science Fair in Erie.

At the March 22 event, 226 aspiring young pupils from 13 schools went to showcase their abilities. SFCA sent 34 students, 10 participating in science, 24 participating in speech, and four participating in both.

Science teacher Erica Parks took 10 students, varying from grades seven through 10 to participate in the Science Fair. SFCA held a science fair at their school earlier in the year to determine who would move on to the ACSI Science Fair in Erie.

Students at Erie waited in the hallway until individually being called to a room where they were questioned and scored by an array of judges consisting of participating schools parents’ and staff from the hosting school.

Paige Smith participated in the Science Fair and receiving the Excellent Award was Kaitlyn Smith, Karl Wolfe and Rachel Ellis, who also received a bronze medal in Life Science. SFCA had one group science project participating in Erie, Jacob McMunn, Leah Schrack, and Gabrielle Reese, who received a bronze medal in Life Science.

Receiving Superior awards were Elizabeth Buchanan, who also received a silver medal in Physical Science; Arie VanWieren, who also received a silver medal in Life Science; and Veronica Mears, who also received a gold medal in Life Science.

Public speaking teacher Kim Hartle took 28 students in grades varying from second through 10th to give speeches that they had chosen from a list of categories. Students could present up to two speeches unless they were participating in the Science Fair, then they were only allowed to give one speech.

Students were judged on their individual speeches. Participating SFCA students included: Paige Smith, Elizabeth Buchanan, Gabby Reese, Veronica Mears, Taylor McDowell, Nick Emmanuel, Cory Shetter, Noah Whipple, Rachel Smith, Justin Kardell, Ezra Wadding, James Smyers, Kendall Branan, Brady Kodman, Charles Findley, Emily Findley, Rachel Smith, Noah Clark, Jaellene Deyarmin, Isaac Deyarmin, Morgan Marquez, Blaine Arotin and Kristie Coffman.

Receiving the Excellent Award were Gabe Mansfield, Mikaela Gressley, Emily Oaks, Rachel Simpson and Chase Newcomer. Receiving the Superior Award was Nathan Miller.

Jacob McMunn (awarded excellent in the Science Fair) spoke for all of the attendees when he said, “It was a very motivating and inspirational experience, both educationally and spiritually, and I am extremely eager for next year.”

Many other students have been talking about their enthusiasm for next year’s Speech Meet and Science Fair. Only good things can come from reaching out academically, and at Seeds of Faith Christian Academy the want for excellence is apparent. As students move on in their studies, and begin preparing for next year, all that is left to be said is: Let’s go Seeds of Faith Falcons.

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