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UNITED: Contest for queen ends in a tie

by ALYSSA DECKER, Gazette Student News Reporter on October 26, 2012 11:00 AM

ARMAGH -- United High School's recent homecoming celebration was a double success this year with both Sabrina Butler and Maggie Slawson being crowned queen as the result of a tied vote.

Neither Butler nor Slawson expected to win the crown, but both were happy to receive it.

"It is pretty cool to know that my classmates look up to me," Slawson said about being selected as a court member. "I'm truly blessed to be named one of United's homecoming queens, along with my good friend Sabrina," she said.

Butler asserted that, "Winning is such an honor, but I would have been just as happy if any of the girls had won. They're all truly amazing."

In addition, to Butler and Slawson, the following senior girls were chosen by their classmates for the homecoming court: Laura Brilhart, Nicolette Deyarmin, Kaleigh Edgar, Gabrielle Fether, Jamie Garshnick, Nicole McCloskey, Santana Myers, Lauren Oleksa, Lauren Overdorff and Kylie Wolfe.

United's traditional gnimocemoh game was held on Oct. 3. In this game, homecoming traditions are flipped on their head; the senior and junior girls play a football game while the senior and junior boys cheer them on. A gnimocemoh king is also crowned.

In the end, the juniors won the game 14-12. The junior coaches were Darla Kiefer and James Dykun. The senior coaches were Robert Penrose and Brian Manges. Slawson and Overdorff each scored a touchdown for the seniors while Eden Bloom and Laken Pudliner scored touchdowns for the juniors.

The gnimocemoh king court included the following senior boys: Craig Fry, Charles Hropovich, Doug Lavis, Shawn Lichvar, Jonathon Long, Ben Mountan, David Patterson, Ryan Smith and Miles Stahl.

The crown went to Patterson. Even though he didn't expect to win, Patterson said, "It is an honor to be a court member." 

Congratulations to our queens and king crowned as part of the 2012-13 homecoming and gnimocemoh celebrations.

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