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WEST SHAMOKIN: Students enjoy night under stars

by TAYLOR WILSON and ALEXIS LYNN, Gazette Student News Reporters on November 30, 2012 11:00 AM

NuMINE -- More than 200 West Shamokin junior high students filled the cafeteria Nov. 16 for the annual semi-formal dance.

Junior high student council had been planning this huge event since the start of this school year.

Tickets were $7 per person and had been on sale for two weeks leading up to the dance.

During seventh- and eighth-period Nov. 16, student council members gathered in the cafeteria to decorate.

The theme was "A Night Under the Stars," and the color scheme was royal blue and silver. An amazing sign to be hung in the lobby was created by our beloved art teacher, Donna Weaver.

The doors opened at 6:45 p.m. to get pictures taken before the dance began. Pictures were provided by Cory Stivason, a graduate of West Shamokin.

Students of West Sham-okin flooded into the building to sign in with the chaperones of the evening.

At 7 p.m., the lights were turned down and the music started.

Several students danced the whole night. The songs that brought the most kids to the dance floor were "Cupid Shuffle," "Cotton Eye Joe," "The Locomotion," "Call Me Maybe" and "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

The door prize winners for the evening were ninth-grader Jarret Kintz and seventh-grader Lakien Porter.

As the semi-formal drew to an end at 10 p.m., parents were in the lobby waiting for their children.

Junior high student council started to tear down the decorations as soon as the dance was over.

All of the ninth-graders are very disappointed that this was their last semi-formal, but it was a great one.

A special thank-you goes out to junior high student council for putting on such an amazing dance.

Thank you to all of the semi-formal chaperones: Judd McCullough, Zoe Ritchie, Jennifer Montero, Joe Treglia, Sarah Klinger and Jaime Fry (junior high student council adviser).

The senior high students will get their turn to dance the night away this Saturday at their annual Snow Ball from 7 to 10 p.m. at Saint Mary's Church Hall in Yatesboro.

Carnegie Science Trip

On Nov. 6, a few select seventh-, eighth- and ninth-graders were picked to go on a science trip to the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh.

Students got to explore many science areas and do hands-on activities in certain areas like nano-tech or robotics.

In the robotics area, students from different schools got to compete in programming an electronic LEGO car. Even if you had not won you still learned something new and had some friendly competition.

On each of four floors there were many things to do. There was an earthquake simulator, where you got in and the ground shook to show how an earthquake feels.

Outside there was an old Naval submarine. You could go into the submarine and look around.

There were small bunks next to each other, a kitchen and a dining area. There were torpedoes and other working stations for the crew members. In the sports center, there was a roller coaster simulator. This seated two people, and once buckled in you had to choose what kind of roller coaster you wanted to ride.

The machine would then program itself to do flips and turns and go through crazy loops like an actual roller coaster.

If you stood close enough you could hear the excited yells, even from the adults.

Of course there were demonstrations where you got small souvenirs. In one station you were taught about photosynthesis and got a plant.

In another station we had learned about nuclear reactors and had to add things like cotton balls, cotton pads, foam or paper to an egg. The goal was to keep the egg from breaking while strapped onto a small toy car and pushed off a ramp and into a wall.

In the end we got a small submarine foam figure. In another station we got to look at how light changes color.

We were given beads painted in a clear coat, and when the light shone on the beads they would turn different colors.

This trip allowed students from different schools to come and meet for one purpose -- science.

Many new things were learned and will be remembered from this trip.

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