white township sign

White Township Manager Milt Lady told the township board of supervisors Wednesday that his staff is getting calls asking about when trick-or-treating will be this year.

That prompted Supervisor Gail McCauley to move to have it on the actual day of Halloween, Saturday, Oct. 31, from 6 to 8 p.m.

“I already bought my candy,” McCauley said.

Supervisor Gene Gemmell seconded her motion, which was passed unanimously.

Trick-or-treating traditions in the township typically coincide with what Indiana Borough does.

Recalling his days on Indiana Borough Council, Supervisor Rich Gallo said, “as long as (George Hood) is mayor, it will be on the 31st.”

While it appears likely the borough will continue that tradition, Borough Manager C. Michael Foote said he wanted to hear thoughts from council’s Public Safety and Community Development committees. Foote said he hoped to get a sense of what those committees think on or before the end of September.

The White Township board also took other actions during an hour-long public meeting, and following an executive session Wednesday.

The board approved a sewage facilities planning module at 824 Fulton Run Road.

The executive session was the latest in a series the board has had recently regarding real estate.

Afterward, Lady said,

the board approved motions:

• To obtain a second appraisal on a property of interest.

• To make an offer to purchase a property of interest.

• To apply for a Multimodal Transportation Fund Program grant.

Lady said he could not give any details on the properties in question at this time.

Also Wednesday:

• The township manager said a dollars-and-cents estimate was not available regarding damage to a bridge along Rustic Lodge Road, which was struck by a vehicle Aug. 29.

He said Assistant Manager Chris Anderson has met with the driver’s insurance company and an engineer about the damage to the bridge wall.

• Lady said power outages are possible on Sept. 14, 23 and 28 in the vicinity of the corridor where Route 286 is being widened between Eat’n Park and Rustic Lodge.

He said one outage could last eight hours, the others four hours apiece.

• The township manager said there were reports from a neighborhood watch group about loud music at gatherings over the weekend of Aug. 21 and 22 and this past weekend, possibly including Indiana University of Pennsylvania students. He said IUP’s website has forms that residents can fill out if they have complaints or concerns.

• Lady said he will have to sit down with the engineer to discuss dye testing of lots in connection with an extension of sewage services to Simpson Road.

He said a survey found a majority of those living along Simpson Road favors public sewage.

• Code Enforcement Officer Matt Genchur reported there had been 100 building permits issued so far this year.