Close-up of emergency lights

SOUTH MAHONING TOWNSHIP — A Smicksburg man was arrested Thursday and formally charged with a string of felony drug charges following a month-long probe of a methamphetamine lab discovered by county parole officers on a visit to the suspect’s home.

Charles Miller, 39, of Hardship Drive, was named on a criminal complaint filed before Judge Christopher Welch in Clymer District Court.

Welch set bond at $250,000 and sent Miller to Indiana County Jail to await a preliminary hearing on July 19. State police had taken up the investigation May 19 and called in a team of drug lab handlers and explosives experts after evidence of meth-making and a homemade explosive surfaced during a probation officer’s arrival at the house.

Troopers charged Miller with operating a meth lab, a second-degree felony; illegal disposition of chemical waste, a third-degree felony; possession of a chemical component of meth and possession with intent to deliver drugs, both ungraded felonies; and misdemeanor counts of possession of ephedrine, possession of drugs and possession of paraphernalia.

An early news release suggested that the suspect had illegally used a telephone in connection with making and selling meth but no related charge appears on the indictment.

No charges related to the explosive device were filed.