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Two Indiana Borough residents are in the Indiana County Jail and facing multiple charges, including two felony counts each of kidnapping and one felony count each of robbery, after police said they held a woman against her will in order to collect a $380 drug debt.

Marquice Brussard Mann, 25, also is facing misdemeanor charges of unlawful restraint, recklessly endangering another person, theft by unlawful taking and false imprisonment.

He is in jail after failing to post $50,000 bail.

Amber Marie Lynn, 29, is charged with the same misdemeanor offenses and remains lodged in jail after failing to post $20,000 bail.

Mann and Lynn were both arraigned this week and have preliminary hearings set for Nov. 21 at 10:15 a.m. before Indiana Magisterial District Judge Guy B. Haberl.

According to the criminal complaint, Indiana Borough police Sgt. Michael Rayko spoke with the female victim, identified only as Erika, on Sept. 3 around 8 p.m. regarding the incident that took place between the hours of 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. that day.

The woman told Rayko she was “an addict” and said she was “held against her will for a debt she owed.” She also told Rayko a handgun was involved.

The victim said she was with her female friend at her boyfriend’s residence near the Indiana Mall in White Township. She told Rayko that during that time they received two or three calls from Lynn, who believed she lived in the 800 block of Oak Street.

Around 6:30 p.m., Erika said she and the female friend drove to Lynn’s apartment. Upon arrival, the woman said Lynn was there, along with two approximately 60-year-old men identified by police only as Greg and Robin.

The five people who were present sat around the table and Lynn was said to be high or drunk, according to the complaint.

Lynn and Greg then went into a bedroom and began arguing. Lynn eventually came out and said she, Erika and Greg were going to leave the apartment for a short period and Robin was to stay there.

The victim said they were gone for about 15 minutes and she was feeling uneasy about the situation. They eventually returned to the apartment, where Mann was now present.

According to the complaint, the victim had previously met Mann and owed him a debt for $380 for crack cocaine. Mann told the woman to enter the bathroom with him and Lynn told her she “need to make this right.”

Mann started yelling at the victim about wanting his money. The woman told Mann she did not have it, but would get it, if someone would take her. Mann took his jeans and underwear off and asked Erika to give him oral sex to settle the debt, but she declined.

Officer Leroy Anderson Jr. reported Mann grabbed Erika’s wrist and would not permit her to use her cellphone, and the woman said she noticed a handgun located on the toilet near him.

Mann refused to allow the woman to leave to get the money. He began screaming at her and was about to pounce on her when Greg and Robin intervened and Robin paid her $100, court documents show.

Mann said he wanted paid for the entire debt and Erika was eventually allowed to call her grandmother and she agreed to meet at 1st Summit Bank. With Erika’s friend driving, she was seated in the front passenger seat and Mann was in the second row, where it is reported he had a gun in his waistband.

Erika’s grandmother withdrew $280 from the ATM and the victim handed the cash to Mann. He also allowed the victim to leave with her grandmother and they drove straight to the police station. Mann and the victim’s friend left the area in the vehicle.

Police said Mann was identified from bank surveillance video. Lynn told police Oct. 14 that Mann asked her to get Erika in front of him to collect his debt. He told her he would give her $150 if she got the woman to come to the apartment.