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Tony Prato held the duck he rescued from a fireplace of a White Township home.

Lynn Rinkus and her husband, Richard, got quite a surprise Monday afternoon when they discovered a duck in the fireplace of their White’s Woods home.

They figure the bird likely fell down the two-story chimney and landed in the fireplace itself in the middle of their home.

After hearing a commotion that the couple at first mistook for the wind, a smaller bird or even a raccoon, Lynn got a good-enough look at the bird to see webbed feet and, later, the distinct bill of a small duck.

“It was flapping and hopping around, making a big racket,” Lynn said. “I knew it was a big animal.”

Lynn said she thought the bird might fly out of the chimney or otherwise free itself, but the next morning they woke up, and it was still stuck. Worried about the bird’s health, especially after most of a day without food or water, the Rinkuses called on a friend who lives in Indiana Borough for help.

Tony Prato arrived Tuesday morning with a fishing net but couldn’t quite get a hold of it. So he opened the glass door just enough to grab the duck before it could fly out into the house. Prato said he took it outside and set it on the deck railing.

“It kind of looked at me and took off,” said Prato, who believes it was a wood duck. “I never heard of a duck in a chimney.”

The duck flew away toward the woods, Lynn said, so she and her husband are confident it was not injured.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing,” Lynn said.