In accord with a requirement in the state Municipalities Planning Code, White Township Planning Commission approved a report Tuesday night that sums up what the panel did in 2019.

Assistant Township Manager Chris Anderson said there were fewer items reviewed (30) than in 2018 (63) and “the early outlook is that the trend will continue” this year.

“A few major projects were reviewed and approved this past year,” Anderson wrote. “(They) include an expansion at the (Indiana County Transit Authority) IndiGO Transit facility, the Gardens memory care facility, (a) new Burger King restaurant, and (a) new Indiana County Conservation District Office Building.”

Projects requiring Uniform Construction Code permits totaled 78 residential, 50 commercial (including four new construction projects) and five demolition.

There also were 44 projects that do not meet UCC requirements, such as decks smaller than 30 inches or accessory structures less than 1,000 square feet in size, that also received permits from the township in 2019.

Also noted, “in 2019, the planning commission has been very involved in regional and multi-municipal planning efforts,” Anderson wrote. “This upcoming year the Planning Commission will help the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee in preparation of the Comprehensive Plan 10-year update.”

And White Township’s effort to make the public aware of the 2020 census — and how it affects federal government distribution of more than $600 billion each year to states, localities and citizens — also is ongoing, the report said.

“Census data is imperative to a well-functioning government and to equitable access to federal, state and local benefits and services,” Anderson wrote.

Commissioner Nancy Smith moved to authorize that report, while Commissioner Denny Roumm seconded that motion. Vice Chairman Ted Kuckuck conducted Tuesday’s brief planning session, with Chairman Robert Begg and Commissioner George Lenz absent.