Letters to the Editor

In response to a letter by Rick Stancombe (Feb. 27), I’d offer some fact checking. No “boxes of ballots” were found. All states certified their elections. Sixty courts, including the Supreme Court, rejected emphatically every false election claim. Fact.

I am an independent. Not just an independent voter, but an independent in everything that I say, think and do. I neither approve, nor do I disapprove, of people throwing rotten tomatoes at each other — that’s their business. Besides being an independent, I am also a 100 percent disabled Purp…

American businesses are now offering annual cash payments to forest landowners to keep their forests intact. These payments, already in operation in states around the country — from Texas to Maine; South Dakota to Mississippi — are sometimes called “mailbox money.” Landowners qualify for the…

Americans should be scared to death of our current political situation. We have President Joe Biden, the dictator, wearing out ink pens signing executive orders and acts at an unheard-of record speed. No need for a legislative branch, after all, isn’t that how dictators do it?

First, on the responses to my letter on Jan. 22: I didn’t say all Democrats were evil. Read over my letter again. The ones I said were evil were the ones that were seen bringing in boxes and boxes of ballots from another state.

By his first three weeks in office, Donald Trump bragged that he had “handled more legislation” than any president in history. He was referring to the plethora of executive orders he signed to undo those signed by Barack Obama.



I was a mere 70 pages into Donald McNeil’s brief about his firing from The New York Times when I emailed a dozen of my friends to demand they read it immediately. But they don’t have my perseverance, so here are the highlights.

Like you, I’m sure, I love America, but the love has changed. I started out with the child version: America is the greatest and most powerful country on earth.


“The challenge facing our schools is unprecedented,” said candidate Joe Biden last July. “President Trump has made it much worse. We had a window to get this right. And Trump blew it.”

The Trump years were a time of high passion, of moral certainty, of drawing lines in the sand, of despair at the ethical and intellectual vacuity of political foes. But now it’s time to recalibrate.

Former president Donald Trump emerged from 38 days of self-enforced silence for a lengthy speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Fla., that was frequently interrupted with boisterous applause and chants from an adoring, mostly White, older crowd.

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