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Friends of White’s Woods is offering free online webinars. To date, webinar participants have heard from a forester, as well as a professional who specializes in controlling invasive plants.

Football and hockey are tough contact sports governed by rules enforced by the referees. Players who break or ignore the rules are penalized and can be removed from the game if they persist in foul play.

For years, the conservative movement has been lecturing the leftist liberals as to the wrongness of abortion. They’ve tried to point out the injustice of killing innocent human embryos based on moral arguments primarily, wrongly assuming that the left has a moral code beyond politically corr…

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This is in regard to Alice Steele’s Nov. 5, 2020, letter to the editor and the exception she took to Walter Friday’s Oct. 27, 2020, comments concerning Donald Trump’s calling of veterans suckers and losers.

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In fall 2016, when faculty at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the other 13 PASSHE schools went on strike over failed contract negotiations, our local state representative, Dave Reed, worked tirelessly behind the scenes to forge a resolution that ended the strike.

As a member of the Indiana community, I would like to add my thanks to the voices of students and graduates of IUP who are publicly supporting IUP’s educational mission. I’ve benefited from that mission in at least three ways.

On Wednesday, Oct. 28, the Gazette printed a letter from me requesting that the IUP Administration move forward with the long-planned and previously approved merger of the Journalism & Public Relations Department and the Communications Media Department, to avoid laying off all five journ…


On Bill Clinton’s Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 1993, he found on the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway desk in the Oval Office a gracious, handwritten letter left for him by the Republican president whom he had defeated.

Archbishop Bashar Warda is a man of hope, humility, courage and defiance. Christians will stay in the Middle East, like it or not, he says — even if there is little or no room for them among Muslim leaders in the region.

Jodi Doering, an emergency room nurse in South Dakota, tweeted this description of COVID-19 patients she’s been treating: “The ones that stick out are those who still don’t believe the virus is real. The ones who scream at you for a magic medicine, and that Joe Biden is going to ruin the USA…

Everywhere one looks there are warning signs, from labels on cigarette packs warning that smoking causes cancer, to ridiculous labels on thermometers that read, “Once used rectally, the thermometer should not be used orally.”

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