Letters to the Editor

Our current president and his liberal allies are on record declaring the United States of America as being a nation of White supremacists who advocate and promote hateful systemic racism. On the other hand, they’re allowing southern migrants of color to cross into our sick, racist society ne…

With 21 years of experience as a lawyer, including eight years as district attorney and 10 years as assistant DA, Pat Dougherty is the clear choice for Judge of Common Pleas. No other candidate can claim such relevant and deep experience.

Dear residents: As we approach this year’s primary, there are 10 candidates vying for four seats on the Indiana Area school board. Looking back over the last two years, this current board has done an amazing job overcoming the unprecedented impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on this district, …

What if you applied for a committee that didn’t exist? That’s exactly what happened to several area residents who expressed interest in the management of White’s Woods. How could that happen? If you attend the White Township Supervisors meetings, you might understand — or not.


Lying in her hospital bed in Kabul, Afghanistan, having survived an extremist group’s bombing that killed more than 80 students at her school, a 17-year-old named Arifa was as determined as she was frightened.


Facebook is like Coca-Cola. Both companies want everyone to use their products; the last thing they want is any turmoil that gives customers a reason to leave the website or switch to Dr Pepper.

My friend Rod Dreher recently had a blog post for The American Conservative called “Why Are Conservatives in Despair?” He explained that conservatives are in despair because a hostile ideology — wokeness or social justice or critical race theory — is sweeping across America the way Bolshevis…


There’s a word to describe political movements that emphasize ethnic, racial and religious solidarity over citizenship and pluralistic values, but it has unpleasant historical associations. Using it only causes political conversations to end in bitterness and name-calling.

Saying Hamas must pay a “very heavy price” for belligerence, Israeli bombs destroyed a 13-story apartment building in Gaza that had a Hamas presence. And saying Israel “ignited fire” and is “responsible for the consequences,” Hamas launched more rockets at Israel.

Signs have been a part of Middle East lore dating back to biblical times. People in the region take them seriously, which is why the signs emanating from the Biden administration are having serious ramifications.

Too much of the Biden administration now comes down to self-righteous compassion and fiddle-faddle analysis without a hint of wisdom, or even of common sense. A recent example — with more to be reviewed — is an absurd decision to strip U.S. pharmaceutical companies of a patent that, like so …


Recently, former President Donald Trump and people around him have been dropping more and more hints that he will run for president in 2024.

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