Letter to Editor

Following the events of Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, where President Trump incited the invasion of the House and Senate while talking to an assembled group of his supporters, it is time for you as my representative to sign onto the currently proposed articles of impeachment.

Mr. Trump’s actions were incendiary and were couched in a manner that any reasonable person would expect to incite seditious acts by those assembled before him. He had again incited his followers to act in violent manners against the Congress should they continue in their duty to certify the electoral college.

This is not an issue of simple bad actors in the crowd who acted on their own, but that of the leader of our nation making statements that are nothing less than treasonous and anti-constitutional.

I look to you, Rep. Thompson, as my representative in Washington, to act in an appropriate and direct manner in signing onto the articles of impeachment.

Erik Blank