Letter to editor

I am angry. I am incensed. I am embarrassed. I am dismayed. Our president, Mr. Biden, as CIC has demonstrated a feckless pusillanimity beyond comprehension in his derelict abandonment of our commitments in Afghanistan. For what? A legacy footnote in his memoirs? A photo-op to strut his “accomplishment” of an end to a war?

What is an end to a war in which he turns tail and abandons the field to the enemy? This war is not over until the enemy quits fighting — and the enemy hasn’t quit. We lost 13 soldiers in a demonstration of that fact. And we will lose more citizens and others to whom we owe debts of gratitude for their assistance. And we can be assured that even now they are plotting vengeance against us. We can be assured that 9/11 will recur as a result of asinine decisions made by this nincompoop.

This bungled malfeasance of withdrawal is beyond comprehension. What idiot abandons the field without first assuring that all of our friends, then all of our citizens are first protected, then removed in an orderly fashion, before forces are removed. Any child would know this, as did our NATO friends.

We had the military capability to do this. Why did we not?

Finally, why did we not protect property bought and paid for by the public? We taxpayers own both our embassy and Bagram air base for which we paid billions. We also own the billions of dollars worth of military equipment gifted to the enemy, as well as the billions paid for the advanced technology they contain. Surely, the world’s premier military had the capability to protect these investments! We lacked the will of our paper-tiger president and his lapdog generals and advisers. We could have wiped out the Taliban, just as Trump had previously demonstrated against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, in a matter of months.

Why didn’t we? A lack of will of our president to protect our people, our investment, and our pride. It’s a hell of a way to claim to end a war. Why do we tolerate these clowns?

McClellan Blair