Letter to editor

First, on the responses to my letter on Jan. 22: I didn’t say all Democrats were evil. Read over my letter again. The ones I said were evil were the ones that were seen bringing in boxes and boxes of ballots from another state.

According to eye-witness reports that I watched on a regular channel (I don’t watch CNN, because they don’t tell the truth). I have hardly ever voted straight Republican.

No matter what Donald Trump’s political party was, I still would have voted for him.

I love my country, the United States of America, and I don’t want to lose our freedom, but under Joe Biden, I truly believe we are going to lose it. And as for the rush on Jan. 6 ... if you were watching on TV and on a regular channel (not CNN), you would have seen that they said it was Antifa that got ahead of Donald Trump’s supporters that did the damage.

You Biden voters are gonna regret your vote in these four years coming up. Biden will blame everything that he screws up on Donald Trump. Just watch and see.

It’s just like the problems going on in Texas right now — they’re freezing their food and the turbine fans are messing up. John Kerry is putting the blame on global warming. We’re all in big trouble.

Rick Stancombe