Letter to Editor 06

I’m a firm believer in “you are judged by the company you keep.” To me, something still “smells” in District 66 when a Republican candidate has Democrats on his campaign committee and has big money for billboards, robo calls and tons of signs.

I certainly don’t want a candidate who is being supported by Sen. Joe Scarnati money. Check the public information site: PA Campaign Finance Report/Cycle 1, and note the donation to “Friends of Jack” running for state representative: $5,000. Scarnati paid $34,481 to the Anstadt Co. of York for “direct mail pieces-in-kind on behalf of Suplizio for Senate.” Suplizio is currently engaged in a vile attempt to spread ugly lies about Cris Dush as he seeks the state Senate seat in District 25.

I want a state representative who has a history on his job, not one who thinks that four years in an elected position is enough experience to easily slide into a seat in Harrisburg.

I want a problem-solver not a sitting politician who has added more expense to his county budget by hiring an outside management company to oversee Children and Youth Services.

The only sensible candidate for state representative is Brian Smith. (No relation to former Speaker of the House Sam Smith.)

Brian Smith, raised in the Marion Center area and a 20-year Punxsutawney-area businessman, is the common man’s state representative with 100 percent Republican fiscally-responsible values, strong problem-solving and decision-making skills, ability to work across the aisle, a “service before self” community leadership record, and a strong moral character to ward off the Harrisburg lobbyists.

Voters beware: The winner in the June 2 Republican primary will be the person who represents you in Harrisburg. You have only one chance to elect the best candidate: Vote Brian Smith!

Pat Leach

Marion Center