letter to editor 21

Well, here we go again. We’re all busy dealing with COVID-19, and the White Township supervisors decide that it’s time to sneak through their 20-plus-year-old-plan to timber White’s Woods Nature Center. At least they’re consistent; just wait till you think no one’s looking, approve a “plan,” mark the trees, collect the bids, quietly.

No public input, no concern for properties surrounding the park, no consideration for taxpayers who use the park for recreation, just “we’ve got a plan, let’s run with it.”

They finally announced it through an article in the Gazette — after their plan was discovered, and they were confronted. When taxpayers asked the supervisors to release the documents, it took over a week for the township to comply. But apparently timbering White’s Woods during the pandemic is their major priority, and that’s why the plan should have been released months ago — before the contract was signed, before the trees were marked and before the timeline was implemented.

The supervisors claim that “their concerns” are different from 2007, their “purpose” is not the same and the outcome “will be different.” But read the plan. Do you see these differences? We don’t. We fear the results will be devastation of a mature, deciduous forest, which will take decades to restore, if that’s even possible.

Do you use White’s Woods for recreation? Do you want to maintain a beautiful green space for Indiana? Are you interested in preserving natural habitat? Do you agree with the majority of surveyed residents who opposed timbering in 2007 (Gazette, 2007)? Most importantly, do you believe that elected officials should be obligated to consider the wishes of their constituents?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, contact the White Township office and demand that public comment be considered before any plan is implemented. Join us in our efforts to save White’s Woods with a viable park management plan that guarantees White’s Woods will be here for future generations. Go to www.friendsofwhiteswoods.org to see the plan.

Susan Dahlheimer

Andrew Davis

Jessica Jopp

Members, board of directors, Friends of White’s Woods