Letter to Editor 10

At the Jan. 6, 2020, Indiana Borough reorganizational meeting, members of the Utility Workers Union of America, Local 580, were in the audience. We are the employees for the residents and taxpayers of Indiana Borough.

We were in attendance to present seven grievances before the council. Eleven council members were present, including two newly elected members in the 3rd and 4th wards.

The level of unprofessionalism was apparent from the beginning. At all times, there was a minimum of four council members on their cellphones, one council member was blatantly eating their dinner and yet another was seen with their eyes closed.

This demonstrated complete disrespect for the people present and more so to the people who elected them to sit at that table.

Upon conclusion of the grievance presentation, it was turned over to the council for questions. Not a single question was asked. Keep in mind that each grievance affects lives of the employees that work for the people. After an executive session, the meeting reconvened and each grievance was unanimously denied.

It is difficult to understand how these issues were decided upon so quickly by the members present without prior knowledge of each individual grievance. It was so obvious that the borough solicitor and manager directed them in their decisions. So, we ask, who is running our town?

The union employees are currently working without a contract. It is the first time in the history of this local that the borough council has not had a seat at the table for contract negotiations. Additionally, it is the first time a manager has hired a law firm to conduct negotiations on their behalf. And yes, this is being paid for by you, the residents.

Utility Workers Union of America, Local 580