Letter to Editor 04

Destruction of the republic is still possible if Mr. Dembosky would have his way (July, 19, 2019) by electing any one of the socialist candidates vying for the top job in 2020.

The “green new deal,” forgiving of college debt, free college for all, Medicare for illegals, and open borders espoused by all would bankrupt our society.

It would end our democracy if the Democrats have their way by flooding the country with likely socialist-leaning supporters, whom they would then enfranchise, rendering elections a soviet-style farce.

As for boogie-man McConnell, he does not nominate candidates for the courts. The president does.

Garland was not brought up during Obama’s reign because the Democrats did not have enough votes to confirm him.

Elections do have consequences. Trump fought like a tiger to preserve his majority in the Senate to allow him to work at the correction of the liberal bias in the court system, and it worked, though he could not save the mid-term losses in the House, which brought us “the squad” and unending hatred and fruitless investigations and unproductivity among socialist Democrats who vie to see who can present the most cockamamie way to spend us into oblivion.

As for Roberts, the court system and Trump’s “unconstitutional” ways, the system, headed by SCOTUS, has been doing pretty well.

It never fails that when Trump takes an action the Democrats don’t like they run to the 9th circuit, which is stacked with liberal sympathizers, for an injunction.

You can count on Trump never getting away with anything unconstitutional.

The fact that Trump wins most of the cases ultimately reaching SCOTUS indicates that he has a pretty good grasp of what is constitutional, and whining Democrats are simply throwing up roadblocks.

As for voting districting, the Constitution provides that they are established by state legislatures. SCOTUS was right to not interfere.

McClellan G. Blair, Ph.D