Letter to editor

Most of my 25 years as a Pennsylvania State Trooper were spent working in Indiana County.

Over these years I got to know Patrick Dougherty through the District Attorney’s Office.

I, like many criminal investigators, worked closely with Dougherty. He worked hard on cases brought to his office to ensure the accused could be prosecuted to the fullest.

If there was not enough evidence, he would send the investigator back for more interviews, evidence collection and witness searches.

On the most serious investigations, Dougherty would assist the investigators in their tasks or assign a detective from the District Attorney’s Office.

He was at every crime scene, even in the middle of the night, to provide assistance to investigators. He spent hours reviewing criminal cases prior to them going to trial.

Eventually I got to know Dougherty on a personal level. We would discuss what our kids were up to in school and the events they were involved in, often critiquing sports teams, especially the Pirates.

As judge, I know Pat would take the same dedicated serious approach with every case.

This is why I am voting Dougherty for judge on Nov. 2.

Doug Snyder,

Pennsylvania state trooper, retired