Letter to Editor 04

I wanted to let people know about the real Pat Dougherty.

Pat is a man who is there for the people he represents and their families as well as his community.

In 2012, I really got to know Pat. But the circumstances that we met under were not good.

You see, my ex-boyfriend had sat waiting for me with a 12-gauge shotgun the morning of Jan. 29. I never saw it coming; he shot me through the door on my porch.

Pat was helping me and my family before I was even out of my drug-induced coma. He was working on the case against the man who shot me.

But we saw more than the normal everyday person sees. We saw how dedicated Pat was to the people he represents. He was there anytime we needed him, day or night. We not only had his work number, we had his personal number as well so that anytime we had a question or concern we could get a hold of him.

Pat puts his heart and soul into his work. Seven years later when I see him, he still hugs me and asks how I’m doing and how my parents are doing. I was never just a case number with Pat.

So when you vote for Indiana district attorney, please vote for Pat, the DA who will fight for what is right.

I know he has my vote. Because he had my back every step of the way throughout my ordeal. And if you ever find yourself needing him to fight for you, he will apply his heart and soul to your case because that is the kind of man and district attorney he is.

Billie Jo Varner