Letter to editor

Letter to editor

I believe the sharing of Gazette managing editor Margaret Weaver’s personal COVID-19 vaccination journey in “Overcoming my vaccine hesitancy” on the July, 17, 2021, Viewpoint page of the Gazette is likely reflective of many people who have yet to get vaccinated.

I hope readers really think about the next to the last paragraph, which stated, “If you have not yet been vaccinated, please reconsider for your own child who doesn’t want you to die; for those you expose in public and their loved ones at home; for the residents in our health care facilities; for those who can’t be vaccinated themselves; for all our local front line heroes, who never stopped taking care of our community.”

COVID-19 is a clear threat to individual and community health. The vaccine is the best defense. The decision to vaccinate needs to be based on the best medical facts/recommendations available from our health care professionals, not from “social media.”

It is not “medical media.” I don’t want my doctor to treat me based on something from social media, I want it based on medical science and knowledge. Are there some risks to the vaccine — yes. But they are minuscule compared to the benefits and can mostly can be managed with medical intervention.

Do we know for sure what all the long-range risks of the vaccine might be? Scientists seem confident that they are safe, hence the emergency approval. My understanding, though, is that the medical folks are concerned about the possible long-term effects of COVID as they are already seeing some issues with what they term the “long haulers.”

As a child during the polio epidemic, my parents readily had me vaccinated as they knew polio was a killer/disabler. They acted on the reality they saw and the trust they had in medicine/science. It worked out well for me and many others who never got polio. Over time, some people who had the polio virus did develop post-polio syndrome.

So, I hope that the really candid, human nature vaccination journey Weaver shared will be replicated by others. Again, thanks!

Carole Serbin