Letter to Editor 09

The family of James Paul King sincerely thank the Visiting Nurse Association (VNA), especially the plliative/hospice staff, for the wonderful care they gave to him for a number of years.

We will always be grateful to Olivia Martin, his primary care nurse and to Jennifer Dies, his bath aide, for the professionalism of their work and the gentle care they gave to him. We are also thankful for the genuine friendship we developed with them through this experience.

What we did not expect was the comfort and support that we received from the minister on the VNA staff, Lorie Parks, and the social worker, Corbin Krug.

They came to our home and listened as we talked about our daily routine in caring for Pap and they lifted our spirits with each visit.

We also thank all the substitute nurses and bath aides who helped. They were equally professional and caring in their work with him.

For those who may be unaware, the work of the VNA staff is more than taking temperatures and blood pressure readings; it requires them to do some very unpleasant tasks in caring for their patients. So, if you learn that someone works for the VNA, thank them for their service just as we thank our military, firemen and policemen and women for their service.

Alan C. Henderson