Letter to Editor 24

I am a fireman and secretary on the board of directors at a local fire hall in the county. The local fire companies have been hit hard with COVID-19 restrictions, making it hard to meet everyday operating costs that they need to deal with. Some have mortgages to pay, trucks to pay off, gear to replace, not mentioning everyday bills that need to be paid.

Our fundraisers are a major source of income for our companies and without being able to hold bingos, cash or gun bashes we have all been hit hard. The community needs to be aware on how much we depend on them as they depend on us when there are fires, wrecks, etc.

In my eyes, volunteering my time to help my community as a fireman is something that is needed in all areas, but we can’t survive without help. I became a fireman to be there for others when everything is at its worst.

The word “I” is not part of a fire department. We are a team, although we may not see eye to eye and disagree, on a call we have one purpose — to do all we can possible for everyone involved to be safe and hopefully go home firemen or everyday people.

Fire departments need help right now. If your town has a department, please help by donating to them so we can continue to do what we do. Some people in the government are trying to help us, but others are not. We need our communities help to keep going. Please do what you can to help out. It will be a sad day for any community if a department has to close its doors. If a company does not have enough responding members, they depend on neighboring companies to help, and if they aren’t there, where will help come from?

Please think of donating to help all companies stay here to help our communities.

Tammy Foust

Homer City