Letter to editor

The role of a common pleas judge is extremely important; judges are a vital organ in the body of law.

As such, judges must be well versed in the law and they must possess an incredible ability to absorb information, understand circumstances, and appropriately apply the facts of each case to the law.

Serving in this capacity requires an incredible amount of dedication mixed with a balance of firmness and compassion.

Gina Force is the perfect fit for common pleas judge.

I have worked directly with Gina for the last three and a half years in the District Attorney’s Office.

I have seen firsthand Gina’s dedication to the law and to serving Indiana County.

Gina spends full-time hours working her “part-time” job as the first assistant district attorney, and she does it with incredible energy. No matter what a case calls for, Gina is prepared to handle it.

In addition to her regular duties as the first assistant district attorney, Gina manages the pretrial motions, post-sentence motions, and appellate work for the DA’s office. This work takes an immense amount of time and effort.

In appellate work, one must have an understanding not only of the applicable law but also the standards of review and the volumes of rules of appellate procedure.

Gina excels in this role, which is evidenced by her successful representation of the Commonwealth before Pennsylvania’s appellate courts on numerous occasions — including defending our office’s handling of everything from prosecuting drug traffickers to murderers.

Finally, Gina is more than her dedication to protecting and serving Indiana County. From the time I was first employed at the DA’s office, Gina was willing to assist me with anything at any time; she was never too busy to give more.

This illustrates Gina’s commitment to serve not only Indiana County, but also to serve each and every person with whom she interacts. Gina’s character and work ethic are unmatched.

Gina Force understands the law. Gina Force understands people. Gina Force understands Indiana County. Gina Force is the right choice for common pleas judge.

Dennis J. Clark, Esq.