Letter to Editor 11

For the past four years, Gov. Tom Wolf has maintained a steady hand on the tiller of Pennsylvania’s ship of state.

Soft-spoken and personable, the former York County businessman is not given to bombast and self-aggrandizement like so many modern politicians. Nevertheless, he has aggressively attacked many of the state’s problems: working to get Pennsylvania’s finances in order; making progress in restoring funding for education at all levels; helping to improve the safety of our schools; expanding the availability of health care; forcefully addressing the opioid epidemic; and helping secure the Urban Outfitters facility at Windy Ridge.

His record of achievement is strong, and we believe there are more good days ahead. That’s why we heartily endorse giving the Democratic incumbent, Tom Wolf, four more years as governor.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf

In many ways, his Republican opponent, Sen. Scott Wagner, is Wolf’s exact opposite, given to angry outbursts that raise questions about his suitability for becoming the Keystone State’s chief executive. His personal rags-to-riches story is inspiring, but when Wagner threatens to stomp on his opponent’s face in golf spikes, he raises understandable questions about his temperament — even though Wagner later apologized for the comment.

We believe the choice for the voters is clear: returning a proven governor who has shown excellent leadership while working with a Republican Legislature or taking a chance on a volatile politician whose priorities on issues like reducing support for education and health insurance and taxing pensions are not in keeping with most of the state’s voters.

Gov. Tom Wolf, without question, is the best choice.