Letter to Editor 01

Some legitimate research on Diana Harmon’s part (“Washington should put aside bad behavior,” Nov. 29, 2019) would have made it unnecessary to refute her major claim that Democrats are not “moving legislation forward,” because they are investigating the most egregious of the president’s multiple acts of bad

conduct — constitutionally forbidden bribery of the president of Ukraine.

After Democrats won Congress in 2018, taking charge in January 2019, the first bill they had to pass was reopening the government after Trump had shut it down for three weeks because his demand for 5.7 billion for the border wall — that he promised Mexico would pay for — was not met by the previous Republican-controlled Congress.

Long before the impeachment inquiry began, the Democratically controlled Congress had sent over 400 bills (www.congress.gov) — many of them bipartisan — to the Republican-controlled Senate for a vote, but Mitch McConnell, majority leader, has refused to bring them to the floor, paralyzing the legislative process, the same evil, democracy-destroying tactic he used to stymie legislation during the Obama administration.

Here is just a sample of important legislation, bills written by the very productive Democratically controlled 116th Congress, still languishing in the Senate because of McConnell’s malfeasance:

• infrastructure improvement, putting Americans to work at better-paying jobs

• reduction of prescription drug cost

• protecting people with pre-existing conditions from losing health care

• Medicaid extension

• increasing the minimum wage

• equal pay for equal work

• background checks to keep guns out of the wrong hands (bi-partisan)

• federal election protection

• voters’ rights protection

• stopping extreme gerrymandering by either party

• protection of the environment

• Violence Against Women Act

• protecting the military from hostilities not authorized by Congress

• veterans’ access to child care.

Besides passing the GOP tax cut for millionaires and a bi-partisan criminal reform bill, the Republican-controlled Senate has done nothing but confirm judges.

As for veterans, Trump expanded the Veterans Choice Health Program begun under Obama but claimed he replaced it.

Trump continued a five-year trend by increasing the military budget. Generals thought they could make up for Trump’s inexperience by accepting positions in his administration, but, one-by-one, they resigned in frustration — H.R. McMaster, James Mattis, John Kelly, Joseph Dunford — unable to condone Trump’s knee-jerk decisions on foreign policy.

If there’s anyone who does not “respect the office” of the presidency, it is Donald J. Trump by using it for his own and his family’s personal gain.

Janice Dembosky