Letter to Editor 13

Ignorance, incompetence and stupidity.

I believe these terms best describe Gov. Wolf of Pennsylvania, Gov. Cuomo of New York, Gov. Whitmer of Michigan, Gov. Murphy of New Jersey and Gov. Newsome of California.

These are the idiots who ordered COVID-19 patients to be housed in facilities with healthy senior citizens. How many people did they kill in these situations?

We should demand an accurate number of these deaths in each state and the respective governors should be charged with a count of homicide for each individual death which they caused.

Then I would hope that each family who lost loved ones would file class-action suits in each state and request damages and the removal of these idiots from office.

I suppose that is only wishful thinking on my part, because they are all Democrats and, like the Clintons, it will probably all be swept under the rug.

So much for equal justice in America.

Dean Zug