Letter to Editor 17

There are many reasons to re-elect Sherene Hess as Indiana County Commissioner in the November 2019 election. As a retired farmer, one of the most important to me is that she is the most knowledgeable and experienced about modern agriculture and its issues of any of the candidates running for the office.

Sherene was raised in a rural community in the Penn’s Valley and was a member of 4-H.

She earned a degree from Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences in environmental resources management. She worked for the PA Department of Agriculture for five years helping farmers manage their soil, water and land resources. She was the director of the League of Women Voters’ WREN program for six years, educating all citizens about the need to protect and manage water resources.

Sherene knows how important agriculture is to Indiana County and its economy. She knows the issues that worry farmers, like the critical shortage of agriculture workers and concerns about how to foster the next generation of farmers and pass valuable farmland on to them. She wants to support and encourage local food systems and find dependable markets for local farmers.

She sees the importance of helping famers adapt to what seems to be a changing local climate. She has developed relationships with workforce development specialists in PA government.

She has sponsored the Sustainable Economic Development Task Force with its major focus on agriculture. She knows how critical the expansion of broad band coverage is to rural areas and Indiana County farmers.

Anyone who believes that agriculture is vitally important to Indiana County should support the re-election of Sherene Hess as county commissioner.

Beth Marshall

Homer City