letter to editor 21

Now that Labor Day has come and gone and school has started and the nights are cooler, it is time to write of campaigns and elections.

In this “off” year election, local races are on the ballot and these require as much, if not more, attention than congressional and presidential elections. Local government is the grassroots of all politics. Local government elections will determine the direction of townships, boroughs and counties for years to come.

The outcome of a local election will affect how the county will grow and what tools can be used to foster prosperity. Local leaders must be insightful as well as being good listeners to their constituencies. Only by listening to concerns and then acting accordingly can leaders be effective. Local government requires leadership for the 21st century, which is, as of now, 19 years old.

Finally, local government is where your vote is truly your voice.

There is one leader who is willing to listen. There is one leader who will act thoughtfully in the best interest of the county. There is one leader who has exhibited these qualities over the last four years and that leader is Sherene Hess. Her ability to lead has been proven on issues such as conservation and sustainability. Her voice has been strong in support of programs that will enhance the quality of life in Indiana County.

Sherene has the experience and the integrity required for the office of commissioner. Please vote to re-elect Sherene Hess in the November election. She is worthy of your vote.

Josephine Cunningham