Letter to Editor 24

The American Friends Service Committee has designated Dec. 10 through Dec. 18 as a national week of action. The theme of the week is Love Knows No Borders: a moral call for migrant justice. The Refugee Working Group of Indiana will join other groups on Saturday at 10 a.m. at IRMC Park, North Seventh Street, Indiana.

Please join us at this rally. We are participating because we are concerned about the current administration’s restrictive immigration policies, what they mean to the world’s 25.4 million refugees who are displaced from their home countries, and what they say about America.

Most refugees who try to come to America are hoping for a better life. Our government has limited the number permitted entry to 30,000 people. Recently, immigrant children were separated from their parents at the U.S. border with Mexico and then lost in a sea of bureaucracy. Very recently, tear gas was used by the border patrol to disperse crowds partly comprised of women and children.

We, the Refugee Working Group of Indiana, are thankful America’s doors were open to us. We oppose the current limit. It is mean-spirited and unnecessarily cruel, and we oppose the harsh treatment of immigrants seeking asylum at our borders.

We urge our fellow citizens and federal government to choose compassion and common sense. Please join us Saturday to rally for justice for migrants and let your representatives in Congress know how you feel.

Poom Sunhachawi-Taylor

Refugee Working Group

of Indiana