Letter to Editor 24

I used to be a fan of horse racing, but I am no longer a fan of a sport that refuses to address the issue of doping race horses.

As much as I enjoy watching these equine athletes run, I am fearful of witnessing another breakdown on the track, as are many other former fans. Too many horses pay with their lives so that trainers and owners can win at the track. The sport has lost its soul because it refuses to adopt common-sense change to protect the integrity of the sport and the human and equine athletes who are too often seen as disposable.

The Horseracing Integrity Act is a federal bill that will ensure equine welfare and protect the integrity of the sport by granting independent control over rule-making, testing and enforcement oversight regarding drugs and medication to a new authority created by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency.

USADA is the same group that busted Lance Armstrong for doping and cheating.

This crucial bill is receiving unprecedented support by members of the racing industry including The Jockey Club, the New York Racing Association, track owners, breeders, jockeys, trainers and several racing industry executives.

Penn Gaming, headquartered in our state, is not listed as a supporter of the bill. It’s time for them to recognize that business as usual is killing the sport of horse racing, as well as killing and injuring horses and jockeys at an alarming rate.

Penn Gaming should endorse this legislation and urge the members of the Pennsylvania delegation to co-sponsor this bill.

Shawna Burfield