Letter to editor

In regard to IUP’s sudden cancellation of all instruction in the College of Humanities:

A letter to my son at IUP: Your school harassed us for several months to get you to choose them, and you did. They were lying to you and knew they had no intention of offering you an education. They, from research I’ve done with alumni, were already going through the planning that they knew would cancel your opportunity with them at the end of your freshman year.

You are wasting the rest of your financial support by staying in the theater program because you are not receiving an education that will be recognized by any professional theater employment. Freshmen should be learning to sing, dance and act and be given opportunities to use and refine those skills, perhaps in high schools, middle schools, city venue programs.

They should not be writing a musical with half-assed training, they should be performing in an existing mini-musicals, if at all. Then, use those experiences in their sophomore and junior years to move toward more professional theater education.

You learned more in six years of middle and high school than you are now. You don’t owe them or the other actors your loyalty! You need to demand a quality education and be loyal to yourself. This is not high school or a group of friends that need you to hang around.

Your financial support is being sucked away by the theater department, which has no support from the college, and you need to recognize it. How many ballet classes have you had? Or tap, or voice or jazz dance or acting? A dozen each? You should have a full semester of carefully aimed classes under your belt by now. You’ve recently suggested that there are only five or six students in the entire program, COVID restrictions notwithstanding! I have let your school administrators know how I feel and that I am going to local and regional television and newspapers.

Nancy Scott-Derringer