Letter to Editor 10

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t hire a meat cutter to do a surgeon’s job, right?

So, why would you look beyond the two top Republican vote getters for county commissioner?

They are Mike Keith of Rayne Township and Robin Gorman of Brush Valley Township.

These candidates have job-ready qualifications in problem-solving matters, personnel and resource management, budgeting, workforce development, public relations and a compassion for the needs of Indiana County residents in all parts of the county.

What’s more, they have “a ready-to-hit-the-ground-running attitude” thus not wasting the taxpayer’s time and money.

Although these two candidates did not know each other before the primaries, they quickly recognized that both had unique qualifications for the job that complimented each other. And they had a desire to make Indiana County a better place to raise a family. See for yourself:

Mike Keith: current Rayne Township supervisor; grant writer; skilled in working with state government; previously plant manager of Greensteel/Polyvision; and a working committee member of the Indiana County Emergency Management Committee, the Mahoning Medical Center, and the Clymer Volunteer Fire Company.

He is often referred to as “the budget guy” because he is challenged to balance budgets both big and small.

Robin Gorman: current executive assistant to the president of IUP; senior staffer to IUP president for 15 years with a focus on community and economic development; actively involved for 20 years in Indiana County’s Center for Economic Operations; founded Indiana County’s Manufacturing Consortium; and served on former Gov. Tom Ridge’s Workforce Investment Taskforce to make Pennsylvania one of the first states to lead the nation in implementing the Workforce Investment Act.

She’s often referred to as “the person to get it done.” An example was when she worked for the Johnstown Industrial Education Training Center and they were short a fork truck and mobile crane operator. Being a farm girl, Robin took the training for this equipment in order to get the job done.

If you attended any of their meet and greets, you know their ears and minds are open to new ideas from you, their employer.

Vote for this experienced “manufacturing and workforce development team” on Nov. 5. Indiana County has everything to gain!

Pat Leach

Marion Center