Letter to Editor 15

In the days when wars were fought with swords, spears, and bows and arrows, the kings, princes and generals led their troops from the front.

Then the Chinese invented gunpowder and bullets began to fly across the battlefield so the “leaders” retreated to the rear for safety.

We are now fighting a desperate war against an invisible enemy. At the very time we need firm leadership and clear policy, our self-anointed “wartime president” has gone AWOL.

First he declared the pandemic was a hoax (“I accept no responsibility”). Then, he predicted it would soon disappear and now tries to deflect any blame onto state governors, “the media” and, of course, the previous administration.

Do his brain cells ever communicate with each other? Or do they spend their time flattering his battered ego?

COVID-19 has killed more than 4.8 million people worldwide. More than 90,000 Americans are already dead and buried.

Many more will follow them to their graves unless drastic, effective action is taken. This is no time for diversions or denials.

When (if?) the November election comes, please remember all those who will not be alive to vote! Vote for an administration that will work to heal the wounds of the nation.

Gordon Knox