Letter to Editor 06

The ancient Greeks left us three gifts:

1. "The Odyssey" — the first travel guide.

2. The isosceles triangle.

3. Democracy — government by the people.

Travel and the guides are now major international businesses, the triangle spawned geometry and trigonometry, but democracy is having a much tougher time.

The leaders on either side of the

Atlantic show little regard for

constitutional rules or political norms:

a.) Boris Johnson has shut down Parliament and offended her majesty the queen; President Trump has closed down government.

b.) The “special relationship” has taken on a new twist.

c.) Long-standing trade partnerships are being replaced by tariff wars.

d.) Both have border problems : Johnson in Ireland, Trump with Mexico.

e.) Boris Johnson is pulling out of the European Union; President Trump has left the Paris Climate

Accord and the Iranian Peace


f.) Oxford educated, speeches gush out of Johnson with an occasional flourish in Latin; President Trump’s monologues are deadpan prompter-guided or impromptu rambles with garbled pronunciation and mangled grammar.

g.) Both men sport peculiar hairstyles.

As the old saying goes: Wise men listen, fools seldom agree.

Gordon Knox