Letter to editor

After reading “Write-ins vie for United school board” (Oct. 9, 2021), I became alarmed by the author’s tone and lack of transparency. The author proclaimed that school boards “are becoming the conservative battlegrounds in the fight for freedom.” School boards and school districts should neither be conservative nor liberal battlegrounds. Period.

This divisive and incendiary characterization of schools serves no purpose other than distorting the truth. When I look at the United community, thankfully, I do not see battlegrounds, protests or other forms of anger. On the contrary, I see neighbors helping each other and community events where conservatives and liberals can coexist.

Equally disconcerting by this author’s article is the fact that he mentioned being an alum of United, but he failed to disclose that he is a current school board member. He further asserted that school boards “have gone unchecked ... are no longer accountable ... and control many facets of you and your children’s lives.” Not only are these strong claims, but they are also inaccurate, purposely exaggerated to stir fear and anger at a school board, to which the author is an elected member.

A member of the school board is a locally elected representative who takes an oath to follow board policies, state and federal laws. Once sworn in as an elected school board member, the body of nine should work as a “team of nine.” A “team of nine” does not mean that each decision can be rubber stamped by a 9-0 vote. A “team of nine” should have spirited debate, healthy disagreements and split votes. A “team of nine,” conversely, should not have individual members who, either covertly or openly, malign the “team of nine,” to which they belong.

I trust that the United School District voters agree that we should not strive to bring divisiveness and a lack of transparency (for example, taxes have not been increased for five years and critical race theory is not part of the adopted curriculum) to our school district.

Rather, let’s be the example of local government and model how elected representatives should behave responsibly, judiciously and objectively. Let’s remain the United School District.

Robert W. Dill, former United school board member

Homer City